ESR 10

Nanoparticles for targeted delivery to tumours

Keywords: checkpoint targeting, bispecific antibody, nanoparticles, surface modification, drug-delivery

1st Hosting institution: Location: InoCure, Prag, Czech Republic; Duration: 18 months

2nd Hosting institution: Location: UMCG, Groningen, Netherlands; Duration: 18 months


Intended start date: June 2019

Job Description: PhD-student position (3 years): ESR 10 project will be focused on development of nanoparticles with peptide-based targeting moieties. The peptides will be developed using chemical/computational modelling. The peptides will be immobilized on surface of particles using click-chemistry, conjugation using EDC/NHS and layer-by-layer deposition. The particles will be optimized for delivery of therapeutic antibodies for cancer treatment. The particles with NIR dyes will be tested on animal models (mice) for localization to tumour site at the state of-the-art small animal imaging facility of the UMCG. The sequence of peptides will be modified to achieve maximal targeting and minimal uptake by the immune system or liver.

The PhD candidate will be working as part of an international consortium on their search for an immunotherapeutic approach to cancer treatment and will start their 3 year research project in InoCure s.r.o. (Prague, Czech Republic). The work in Prague will be performed for 18 months and will be focused on development of drug-delivery systems with cleavable linkers. Thereafter will the ESR join team of Prof. Bremer at University of Groningen for additional 18 months for testing of therapeutic efficacy on in vitro and in vivo models. This research project will end with a PhD thesis defense at the University of Groningen.

This project is part of a collaborative training network of 10 closely related projects in which PhD students will benefit from networking opportunities. This includes a multidisciplinary training programme with network-wide training events that will be provided to the candidates. Herewith, the PhD project will provide the candidate a unique opportunity to obtain knowledge/expertise on important facets of both academia and industry.

Key Responsibilities:

• Preparation of advanced drug delivery systems for targeting to tumour site • Validation of systems in vitro • Various encapsulation and surface modification activities • Optimization of the in vitro test conditions for a realistic simulation of the in vivo conditions • Management, presentation and publication of research data


• Candidate is in the first four years of his/her research career and does not have a doctoral degree

• Residence duration in the Czech republic does not exceed 12 months in total within the last 3 years

• MSc in material science, polymer science, chemistry, biomedicine, biotechnology, engineering or related

• Collaboration skills, demonstrating agility and initiative. Ability to communicate effectively in English


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